Your partner in the production of fine precision mechanical parts in metal and plastic



CO2 free, thanks to the sun !


Our production hall is optimized to prevent energy losses: air compressors with frequency inverter, shut-off valve and heat recuperation – economic T5 lights – high isolation for the roof (20cm) and walls (18cm) to keep a stable temperature without air conditioning – reuse of rainwater –  …

Due to it’s activities Diametal is a big user of electricity. In 2012 the annual consumption, during the day, of electricity was ±306MWh. Over 50% of this electricity was produced by our own Solar installation. On a sunny day Diametal only uses it’s own produced Co2 free electricity.

You can watch this online by clicking here!

If our PV installation produces more than 80KWh, Diametal turns, mills, grinds, EDM’s,… CO2 free!

Diametal prefers sunny days!



Because of our activities we use: metals, plastics, oils and grease, coolant, … These materials are not nature neutral elements. We at Diametal realize that. These are some of our efforts:

Fluids (oil, coolant,…) from the production won’t be discharged. There aren’t even any drains in the production hall. All fluids are collected and a specialized firm removes them on regular base. We pay them for this service.

The coolant is filtered and reused as much as possible. We use a special type of coolant, this is not based on oil, it evaporates less and is less harmful for humans and the environment.

We do not use aerosol dispersed gasses (oil sprays,…) in the production.

We sort all metals per type and recycle them. Our remaining garbage is sorted separately in containers.

The electricity we do buy is green electricity.