Your partner in the production of fine precision mechanical parts in metal and plastic



The predecessor

The predecessor of Diametal started around 1930 and made tools for the diamond cutting industry, what explains the name Diametal.
Herentals and surroundings would become a center for cheap diamond cutting and grinding with hundreds of companies and home workers.

Around the 1970 ties these home workers became too expensive and the diamond sector moved on. As aresult Diametal started renovating and making spareparts for the production industry in general. In 1984 Diametal became a limited company: conventional milling , turning, threading, keyseating,… in short machining became the core activity.

In 1998 Diametal bought the first CNC machine and more employees were hired to a total of 5 employees. From that year on CNC machining became the first choice.

A year later, in 1999, a 900 m² production facility at the Noordervaart 33 in Herentals was build. Next to metal also technical plastics became more and more important. Diametal was sold in 2005 to the current owner.

Machinery park

In 2006-2007 there was an investment round with among others the purchase of the first 5-axis machine, a 3-D CMM measuring machine, CAD-CAM software en several other CNC machines.

End of 2007, the “new” production facility became too small with all these new machines, for witch the electrial supply was also not adequate.

In 2008, next to the old building a new 2.600 m² production facility was build specifically designed for the machining of high precision mechanical parts: air conditioned quality room, high insulation for stable temperature, noise reducing walls and ceiling, a lot of light, safe environment and… enough electricity.
The new floor space allowed a new investment round, what increased the production possibilities towards larger parts, small series and higher precision.


ISO 9001-2008

In 2010, Diametal became ISO 9001 certified and next to conventional “contact” machining, non contact machining like EDM wire cut erosion was introduced for machining high precision mechanical pieces.

The future

The last years we further grown in the production of high precision parts in a wide range of industries. We see an evolution of parts that become more and more complex and made out of specialized hard to machine materials. Therefore every year we invest in minimally 2 machines allowing us to replace older machines by newer more precise machines and introducing new techniques.  An overview of the last years:

– 2019: Hardening installation for small parts

– 2018: Polien installation for minorfinish polishing

– 2017: CNC Turning with bar feed, rotary cutter combination for larger parts (QT200LINTEGREX I-400S)

– 2016: CAD CAD system, automation CNC lathes (robot) CAD-cam

– 2015: 3D CNC measuring machine, automatic pantry

– 2014: 5-axis milling machine and CNC surface grinder

– 2013: large CNC turning lath with Y axis, rotating tools and Z-axis of 2.000mm, big EDM wire erosion machine with linear motor 770x520x400, new CAM system,…

– 2012: 3 axis CNC milling machine, 5–axis “long” CNC milling machine, new CAD system

– 2011: CNC turning lath with Y axis and rotating tools, start EDM wire erosion machine, extention robotline, threading machine,…

– 2010EDM wire erosion

– 2008 and 2009: 6-axis portal milling machine, 5-axis milling machine with robot, precision CNC lathe for very small parts and a grinding machine.