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Blohm Vlakslijpmachine Planomat 612

Blohm Vlakslijpmachine Planomat 612

A CNC surface grinder with extra ballast for higher stability and accuracy. With this machine we can bring large and small pieces to shape and size tolerance for the ultimate finish, even hardened pieces.

ISO 9001

certified since 2010


  • Grinding range: 1.300x610mm
  • Magnetic table: 1.200x600mm
  • Linear measuring system on X-axis up to 0.1µ
  • Grinding spindle drive from 16 kW up to 8.000 spins / minute
  • CBN/Diamant grindstones Ø 400 x 22-50 x Ø 127
  • Automatic balancing machine
  • Full CNC control with
    possibility of:

    • Creep goose grinding
    • “volschnittslijpen” van of convex or concave raddi in 1 cut
    • Continuous or countercurrent grinding