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Deburring and polishing of workpieces.

Machine deburring: by vibrating around, special wear stones are set in motion, causing the sharp edges of workpieces to be broken and burrs to be removed automatically. A special liquid provides a polishing effect. The result is an even deburred workpiece with no sharp edges. The entire process has no influence on the size or tolerances.This means that even small pieces or difficult to reach edges can be deburred quickly and easily. By working with ceramic rods we can also polish to values lower than 0.2 Ra or to achieve mirror finish quality. Ideal for piecework and series.

Manueel ontbramen: Bij Diametal hebben we diverse mesjes, borstels, slijpstenen, speciale sponjes en doekjes, pasta’s,… waarmee onze medewerkers stukken perfect kunnen ontbramen

ISO 9001

certified since 2010


  • Max. diameter workpiece: 300mm
  • Deburring as well as polishing
  • Connected to wastewater treatment plant ZF800 KF HA
    • centrifuge & slibbasket
    • dirty and clean water tank
    • Proces recycling system
  • Date of construction: 2006, redressed 2018