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Deckel-Maho DMU EVO 50

Deckel-Maho DMU EVO 50

super-fast 5-axis milling machine

A very fast full continuous 5-axis milling machine. Especially aimed at smaller complex pieces on which many operations have to be done. This machine allows 5-axis continuous milling with great repeatability. It is tireless due to its linear motor and its glass linear measuring system that ensures strict tolerances.

This machine is connected to our robot which allows larger series and production without operators.

ISO 9001

certified since 2010


  • Milling range in 1 fixture:
    X = 500 mm
    Y = 450 mm
    Z = 400 mm
  • RPM: 18.000 / minute
  • Tools: 60
  • High pressure cooling till 40 bar
  • Programmable B-as and C-as,
  • Heidenhain 3d-taster,
    tool measurement
  • Drivers: Heidenhain TNC530i
  • Manufactering year: 2006