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Hermle C30

Hermle C30

a powerful 5-axis milling machine

A powerful full continuous 5-axis milling machine. Ideal for small and complex parts that require a lot of machining. This machine is linked to our robot line which enables larger series and night and day production.

One of our most reliable milling machines. A repeatable quality top of its class.

ISO 9001

certified since 2010


  • Milling range in 1 fixture:
    X = 650mm
    Y = 600mm
    Z = 500mm
  • RPM: 18.000 / minute
  • Tools HSK-A63: 32 + expansion of the 157 untill 189 tools!
  • High presure cooling from 40 till 80 bar
  • Programmable B-as and C-as,
  • M&H 3d-probe, BLUM laser
    tool measurement and fracture control
  • Driver: Heidenhain iTNC530
  • Manufacturing year: 2008