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Keyway stabbing

Keyway stabbing

LEISTRITZ Polymat 70: high-precision CNC cutting machine for normal and blind keyways.

By cutting the keyway out of the piece, this cutting machine does not exert any pressure or force on the workpiece, so it does not deform and must be finished. This means that even very small keyways can be cut within the strict tolerances. Due to the shape of the machine, very large “outside” sizes can also be cut, both in height and diameter.

ISO 9001

certified since 2010


  • Standard tolerance JS9 and P9,
    other tolerances are possible.
  • Keyways in conical holes
  • Width range keyway: min 2 tot max 100 mm
  • Maximum height of keyway: 400mm
  • Drilling diameter: min10 up to max 300 mm