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Mazak SQT 250MSY – 1 meter

Mazak SQT 250MSY – 1 meter

CNC lathe with powered tooling for longer pieces

A complete machining center (turning and milling) for medium-sized pieces intended for piecework and for serial work thanks to the barfeeder and sub spindle. With this machine a piece can be machined on both sides in 1 fixture, and completely finished including drilling, milling and tapping. The passage in the subspindle and a Z-axis of over 1 meter make this machine ideal for machining longer axes.


ISO 9001

certified since 2010


  • Dimensions: maximum Ø workpiece= 276mm z- spindle: 1,09 m spindle passage = Ø 76mm
  • Spindle speed: 4.000 rpm
  • Drive tool speed: 5.000/min, torque 47Nm
  • Number of tools: 12
  • Driven tool and Y-axis
  • Power: 26 kW, torque 465Nm
  • Renishaw tool measurement
  • Main spindle Schunk chuck Ø 250 with quick-change system
  • Sub spindle chuck Kitagawa Ø 160mm
  • Steering: Smooth G
  • Year of construction: 2020