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Oil quench bin

Oil quench bin

After curing in the tempering oven, the piece should be measured as abruptly as possible to a temperature below 100 degrees Celsius. We did not find a suitable quench bath on the market and decided to build one ourselves with sufficient capacity, a strong pump to circulate the oil for optimum cooling and, above all, safe for the operator.

ISO 9001

certified since 2010


  • Capacity: H x W x L: 700 mm x 790 mm x 980 mm or more than 400 liters
  • Quench capacity: 40 kg per turn
  • Oil centrifugal circulation pump of 60m3/hour:
    • every 30 seconds the entire bath is pumped around
    • a lot of turbulence for maximum cooling of the workpiece
  • Special hardening oil
  • Automatic lowering of parts to be hardened