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Polishing – grinding technique

Polishing – grinding technique

We can polish manually or mechanically up to values < 0.2 Ra or to achieve mirror finish quality.

Mechanical Polishing. For this we have 2 machines that are complementary to each other. Depending on the processing, the process takes 4 to 20 hours. This is a dimensionally stable operation.

Manual Polishing. We have several employees with golden hands who can polish what the machines can’t. e.g. holes Ø<3mm.

Diametal only uses grinding and polishing pastes without animal products. Our process water is filtered and reused.

ISO 9001

certified since 2010


  • Useful inside Ø tub: 600mm
  • Useful height tub: 400mm
  • Grinding as well as polishing
  • Equipped with clamping devices for the most complex parts
  • Filled with ceramic grinding rods Ø3mm with length of 10mm
  • Connected to wastewater treatment plant ZF800 KF HA
    • centrifuge & sludge basket
    • dirty and clean watertank
    • Process recycling system