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Multitasking Mill-Turn

Multitasking with CNC Mill and Turn machines.

Experts in CNC Turning and Milling, and their combination.

For all your complex turning-milling parts, you are in good hands at Diametal. With our 3 modern CNC Mill and Turn machines, we make all your turning-milling parts to perfection.

What is Multitasking with Mill and Turn machines?

CNC Mill and Turn machines, i.e. machines that can both do CNC turning and CNC milling, have been around for a very long time. Mazak (our turning and turning-milling machines supplier) itself is in its 5th generation and improvements are made every year. In a CNC Mill and Turn machine you clamp the workpiece in a chuck, like on a lathe, but instead of a turning turret with typically 12 tool positions, there is a tool magazine that at Diametal typically has between 60 and 90 tool positions. This is where the major advantage of a CNC Mill and Turn machine lies: the programmer has many more tools available to create the workpiece and can therefore produce much more complex parts that require more than 12 tools. Sister tools can also be placed in the warehouse, so that a tool that no longer meets the requirements (blunt, broken, etc.) can be replaced and production can continue as normal. For series this is much better than a lathe.

Where modern lathes also have powered tools to perform small drilling and milling operations, they typically have a speed of 1,500 to 6,000 revolutions per minute with a power of 5 to 7.5 KW. Moreover, milling or drilling can usually only be done at 90 degree angles. If you know that a CNC Mill and Turn machines has a real milling spindle with a power of 30KW or more and a speed range of 12,000 revolutions per minute or more, then you are talking about completely different milling options with much more power. A milling head on a CNC Mill and Turn machines is in fact unlimited in its working angle and sometimes also variable in its movement, which gives machining possibilities far beyond the reach of a lathe.


Major improvement in Quality Control and Measurement capabilities.

A lathe has a tooleye to measure its tools, but no possibility to measure the part itself during operations. The measuring options of a CNC Mill and Turn machine is the same as a CNC Milling machine. With the measuring probe you can measure the part and, if necessary, compensate for the inaccuracy with the appropriate software, directly on the machine, or call up a sister tool and continue working as usual. You can also check if a tool is broken, for example with a drilling operation. If the drill has broken off, you can first replace it with a sister tool and then continue working. This is especially important when you want to produce series or work with automatic loading via a robot.

When is it better to use our lathes:

  • The raw material has to be placed in a chuck, so you have to start from round or square material, which can be a problem with highly asymmetric parts in expensive material. Then sometimes a lot of material has to be machined.
  • The turning spindle of a CNC Mill and Turn machine is less powerful, slower and less stable than that of a pure lathe and therefore not as efficient for many or heavy turning operations.
  • If it is only turning operations with no or very little/simple milling operations, a lathe is the better option.

The advantages of CNC Mill and Turn machines in a nutshell:

  • The ability to finish workpieces with both turning and milling operations on 1 machine, resulting in time savings and lower costs.
  • Many more tools available to make complex parts.
  • Suitable for unmanned work on strong and difficult-to-machine materials such as stainless steel and alloys.
  • Real measuring options on the machine during production, which results in consistent, reliable, and good quality.
  • Much more powerful in milling operations, which offers more possibilities
  • Possibility to finish the part in 1 fixture through the takeover option. This true 6-axis machining.

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