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Turning is a machining process in which a non-rotary cutting tool is moving linearly while the workpiece rotates. The cutting tool is moving with approximately 6.000 revolutions per minute relative to the workpiece .

The workpiece may consist of a full lenght of material that in a “pass or barfeeder” is clamped and absorbed by the turning machine during the process. So materials can be cut-off on measure in order to making large batches possible.

Several of our turning machines are equipped with “powered” tools which makes it also possible to drill, thread tap and mill.

CNC turning machines have a full computerized tool for controlling the coordination between workpiece and tools. Diametal also has “Teach-in” turning machines which can be controlled manually.

The machine operators are still writing the programms on the machine or by using a CAD-CAM system.

Diametal has 8 CNC-turning machines which offer the possiblity  to choose the most efficient machine for manufacturing parts depending on the size of the workpiece or the operations that are required.

Maximum range of diameter up to 600 mm.


Mazak SQT 250MSY – 1 meter

A complete machining center (turning and milling) for medium-sized pieces intended for piecework and for serial work thanks to the barfeeder and sub spindl...

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Mazak QTN 350-II MY

A powerful CNC lathe with driven tools. Ideal for medium sized parts on which, in addition to the turning work, various drilling and milling operations mus...

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Mazak Integrex i-400S

A full-fledged five-axis milling and turning machine with chucks and automatic transfer. So we can completely finish a workpiece in 1 cycle. Ideal for turn...

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Mazak integrex E-1600V/10

A strong and stable turn-milling center for the bigger parts up to 2 meter in diameter. Equipped with a pallet changer and with different types of pallets ...

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Mazak QT200L

A 3-axis lathe for smaller work. Equipped with a collet to machine 4 sides and 6 sides. The bar feeder allows series work up to Ø 60 mm....

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Mazak QTN 250 MSY (2 pieces)

A complete machining centre for small and medium-sized parts intended for piecework and series work thanks to the barfeeder and subspindle. With this machi...

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Mazak QT 6T

Our smallest CNC lathe specially designed for high precision turning of very small pieces. As small parts are more sensitive to tolerances than large parts...

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Our largest (in diameter) and most powerful CNC lathe suitable for heavy machining and/or large workpieces....

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Harrison Alpha 400 T

A versatile lathe ideal for piecework or repairs....

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Harrison Alpha 1550XM

A versatile lathe suitable for slightly larger piecework or repairs and optimal for turning all types of axles thanks to its length and large diameter....

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