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Quality control

Our Quality policy:

Everything depends on the expected quality. Our customers are very diverse and the requirements and priorities of quality differ from customer to customer, but one thing is certain: Quality is always considered normal. At Diametal we strive to know and apply the quality requirements of the customer. We take the necessary initiatives to question, support and advise customers about this. This concerns measurements and tolerances, visual finishing, surface quality, formal reports and certificates, packaging, meeting agreements on delivery times, administrative formalities,… In Diametal it is the task of every employee to take this into account and to improve and adjust the effectiveness of our quality system on a daily basis by recording, analysing, passing on and extrapolating experiences.

At Diametal we want our customers to be able to start working immediately with the delivered parts, that is Diametal’s daily goal.

Since 2010, Diametal’s quality has been guaranteed by an ISO 9001 quality system.

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